Australian Sheep: Unique Last Minute Christmas Gift


My wife and I are woolgrowers in central New South Wales, Australia. Last Christmas, after we ran out of grass and ran out of money to handfeed our sheep, more than 1300 families and individuals ‘adopted’ our sheep to save them from the slaughterhouse by paying for their feed. And it worked. This spring those ewes gave birth and we had our best ‘drop’ of lambs ever. We call them the “Miracle Lambs” because it is a miracle they are alive.

When I thought the thousands of people 'adopting' our sheep were doing it to help us survive the drought, I was half wrong. They all like to help struggling farmers. But that's not the only reason they do it. Our Adopters have given 8 reasons for adopting:

1. UNIQUE GIFT: Sheep or lamb adoption is also attractive because they are unique - the perfect gift for the person who has everything. Some givers report the receivers get quite emotional on seeing their adopted sheep. Powerful!

2. SEND OVERSEAS INSTANTLY: The 'gift' takes the form of a certificate which shows the adopted sheep, its name and the name of the adopter or gift recipient. These certificates can easily be sent via email and printed out at the recipient's end. Instant gift!

3. ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING SOLUTION: One gentleman ordered 21 adoptions - one for each of his children and grand children. He said he usually agonises for days and weeks over what to give. But he did all his Christmas shopping in only a few minutes on

4. THE GIFT THAT EDUCATES: Children can be engaged in the story of their sheep, and learn about the wool industry and its role in building Australia. Adopters can request a sample of fleece and can read about the flock and the wool industry on our blog sites.

5. AUSSIE GIFT: A genuine Australian sheep who lives at an identifiable property and is looked after by an identifiable farmer who you can email and talk to by telephone is about as Aussie as you can get. Perfect for people who live overseas. Expats in London adopt sheep to give each other as gifts, to remind them of home.

6. URGENT DELIVERY VIA EMAIL: You can get your sponsorship certificate within minutes of placing your request, if needed, thanks to our telephone/Internet/email system. So, even if you are caught after the shops close on Christmas Eve, you can go to or , order and pay for your adoption, then call us to flag the urgency and give us the details of the names you want to give your sheep. We can then issue a certificate on the spot, and send it to you by email for printing at your end. Roll it up, tie it with some ribbon, and voila! Gift Ready.

7. THE DONATION YOU CAN ENJOY: Some families are trying to reduce the focus on "getting presents" by giving the money they would have spent on a gift to a charity on behalf of the recipient. While other charities are worthy, they don't give you a sheep or lamb to love and read about and write letters to and put on your wall.

+ MORE SHEEP GIFTS TO ENJOY: On you will find we also have Lamb greetings cards and Lamb t-shirts and a "shearing at Uamby" DVD for sale. We're nutty about sheep. How can you not love a lamb?

Michael Kiely
Assistant Shepherd & Sheep Papparazzi
“Uamby” via Goolma, NSW 2852
Husband of Louisa
RIRDC NSW Rural Woman of the Year Award


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