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caitlin said...
Dear Kiely family,_One of the lovely quilters (we use quilt batts made from wool you know) on the Southern Cross Quilters yahoo group mentioned your site today. I've linked to you in my blog too, and will be sponsoring a sheep from next payday. Good luck, and let's get the word out there!_Cheers,_Caity
10:38 PM

hanita schlick said...
brilliant idea and I'll see if any of my new Dutch colleagues and acquaintances can be made to split with a few quid. __keep up the fight and keep writing if you can, because it makes good reading. all the best.
11:37 PM

alison chris said...
What a FANTASTIC idea!!!!!!__COme payday, we'll be sponsoring - we'd better start brainstorming a list of possible names for our future sheep to select from!!!!__Christensen clan
2:27 AM

anonymous said...
John & Maaureen Mason from England._This is a fantastic idea, and we would like to adopt four sheep if only we couild get to grips with the online form
5:20 AM

wanderer23 said...
Hi, I adopted a sheep and paid through Paypal. However, I didn't see the feature to name my sheep...I'm not sure why. Good luck with the adoptions...I'm passing the word along to my American friends. I hope it helps!
8:51 AM

anonymous said...
Someone posted about this on obsidian fleets forum ( So You've got my donation at least._I'm in the UK... well to be more specific Wales. Wales where there is more sheep than humans, although it rains a lot.__HTH__Kirrus
1:55 PM

matt said...
Could I please sponsor the guard alpaca?
3:17 PM

anonymous said...
If I sponsor a sheep- do I get a certificate when the farmer cuts half the sheep's bum off because hes too lazy to use other available methods for fly strike?_Do I get a certificate when the farmer sends the poor little creature to a slaughterhouse?_Do I get a certificate when the animal is a slab of meat on a plate?__Sheep lover.
4:16 PM

margaret alderson said...
Hi Michael and Family,_Wish I had thought of this when we were on the farm and going thru our third major drought in ten years.Will certainly be sponsoring a sheep and Good luck. Pity "sheep lover" above doesn't get their facts right._Margaret Alderson (former wool grower from Gilgandra NSW now retired in Maryborough Victoria)
4:42 PM

anonymous said...
I just want to wish you and your family all the best in the quest to try to keep your precious animals alive in this drought. Good on you for thinking laterally. I have placed your blog link on a site called Care2. It is a world wide site for people who care about others. There is a news section of what is happening around the world. There is over 6,000,000 membership there. Check it out. Look in the news network in the animals section. Good luck in your endeavours. Cheers Ann
3:34 AM


anonymous said...
Hi, We are located in the Central West and this drought is horrible especially for the farmers that are generally doing it tough and rely solely on their farm for income and have had none for years - although you DON'T APPEAR TO BE as I have just seen on the following website which appears to be a very successful business you are still running ?????? No wonder you have come up with this idea ?????
10:46 PM

fred schebesta said...
I agree this is a golden concept! I love innovation and especially from the farming sector! I really think that Michael Kiely has innovatively combined marketing expertise to fix and make more aware a serious problem. __Keep on feeding those sheep as we need all the farmers out there! __I think we need more innovative farmers like Michael Kiely!
5:07 AM

michael kiely said...
Dear Anonymous,__Thank you for your comment._There are lots of farmers more deserving than we are and hopefully they are getting drought relief funding. We don't get any because you've got to be on your knees before you qualify. If this campaign works, we have committed to teaching other farmers how to do the same thing, and engaging NSW FArmers and the NFF in pushing for a national program to train farm families in how to use technology to connect with city people. Oh, and by the way, as soon as we have adopted out all our sheep, we will start adopting out other people's flocks. (We are a long way from adopting out 2500 sheep - we have adopted 200 so far.) _Our off farm income has dwindled in recent years dramatically... Much of the earning time Louisa and I have spent campaigning for the right of farmers to share in the carbon credit trade through soil carbon, which could be worth billions to Australian farm families - see and We travel nearly every week to somewhere different to tell farmers about this opportunity or to brief government officials and agripoliticians._Since my operation to remove a kidney (cancer) last year, my off-farm income has slipped. Anyone who's had a kidney out will tell you it slows you down. The Parkinsons doesn't help either. We're only trying to do the best with what we've got. (Links to all the sites talking about our off-farm income sources are available on this site.)
12:37 PM

da bug said...
ahh Anonymous I can understand how you feel BUT the keilys have come up with great crazy funny scheme and I congratlate them and sincerely hope it works. Give credit where credit is due and hope this idea catches on everywhere so all farmers will benefit from one mans imagination. Id like to see schools, businesses etc get involved. They adopt children (re sponsorship) overseas so why not in our own backyard. Eagerly awaiting adoption papers lol
2:18 PM

anonymous said...
Great idea Michael!_I can't afford to adopt a sheep at the moment as I've just had to part with a small fortune to ensure my ponies have hay for the coming months, however i'll keep you in mind after christmas and i'll certainly send your link to all my friends._best of luck!
7:53 PM

charlotte said...
What a great idea! I'd much rather sponsor an Aussie sheep than a goat in Africa - sorry, guys, but charity begins at home!_Is there any way of getting other farms involved in the scheme? I'm sure there are tens of thousands of city folk who would love to help.
7:59 PM

george said...
anonymous - you should look for other poppies to chop down - so what if they have other income streams - good luck to them If you decide to adopt a sheep should they be means tested ???_If you are smart ,clever enough or work hard enough to have a second income stream so what of it, Jealousy isnt a pretty trait!
5:05 AM

jessicuh said...
This is an awesome idea! As soon as i read about it i fell in love with it and i couldnt help but send through a donation! I hope alot of others support this idea and good luck!
5:38 AM

anonymous said...
I noticed you said you got $5 per head for your sheep at market.__With the price of lamb these days my friends and I would be happy to buy 20 for say $200 bucks and we'll slaughter them ourselves__Does this sound good to you?
8:01 PM

anonymous said...
Sorry, that was an unintentional comment. I think it's a great idea and welcome the opportunity to help our primary industries.__Best wishes
8:07 PM


anonymous said...
Can I adop Rafael too? Why not consider Alpaca wool? I personally prefer that over sheep wool
4:06 AM


shep said...
Hi_Nice site!_Having grown up in Cobar in far western NSW, I have seen and experienced far worse drought conditions than I can see in these photos. As such, I am not up for donating, but good luck with your endeavours. Hopefully you will raise awareness in the wider community enough to make a difference.
5:13 PM

anonymous said...
Hi, We are located in the Central West and this drought is horrible especially for the farmers that are generally doing it tough and rely solely on their farm for income and have had none for years - although you DON'T APPEAR TO BE as I have just seen on the following website which appears to be a very successful business you are still running ?????? No wonder you have come up with this idea ?????
10:39 PM

fred schebesta said...
I think the complete opposite. Just because someone has put up their hand and gone and done something you seem to be putting Michael down. That is terrible. Fair go I say. Go Michael! Show them what a bit of Aussie struggle combined with innovation can result in. Don't listen to anyone trying to put you down. The Aussie spirit to survive under the harshest circumstances. I can imagine others a probably struggling. Perhaps you join up with Michael and get your sheep on the website! The lazy option would be to do nothing. The Aussie thing to do would be to do something about it!__Just posted a blog entry about your great cause:_
5:13 AM

eden said...
Thank you!!!! This is a small yet significant stepping stone in the right direction for our farming community at large, our flocks and our environment. I am all for the Adopt-A-Sheep and subsequent educational campaign, and will be letting all of my family, friends and colleagues know about it.
1:51 PM

anonymous said...
good idea... great idea... but how about going that one step further, and shearing(sorry!!) the experience all the way to market by returning some of the sale proceeds to the adopters of this scheme. Sounds like win /win to me....._where do i sign??
7:00 PM


webnut said...
Mate...this is a wicked idea.... My daughters birthday tomorrow, might have to do this. As an ex pat Kiwi I think maybe you could "offer" a cutting of wool from the sponsors sheep....that way it would give something back !__Good Luck,_Steve.
6:50 PM

teri said...
Michael__I would support your brilliant Adopt A Sheep brainwave even if I wasn't a good New Zealand girl originally from the South Island, where I was lucky enough to have a country childhood in the middle of Central Otago's high country sheep stations. __Good luck to you and I think I'll donate my new adopted sheep to my 5 year old nephew - so he can tell his schoolmates about it and get you some more adoptions.
2:10 AM

anonymous said...
Hi, I adopted a sheep today - Lisa from St Peters via PayPal...don't send a certificate etc - I would rather it went to feeding sheep. My husband's family lost their farm to the bank and I really do not believe they ever recovered; financially they did but there are more things than money. It occurs to me that there are a lot of other things that you could 'adopt' - Cows, trees on farms, fences, gates etc. As a city girl, I have been ticked off at times with my country family in law; the attitude that City People don't care has been thrown my way time and again and it is just not true. City dwellers do care - we just don't know how to help. You deserve a medal Michael! Good luck with your holistic approach to farming - and Peace to you and your family.
3:13 AM


anonymous said...
I need to ask could I please adopt a sheep so I can hack its arse away without any anaesthetic (mulesing) then slaughter it and eat it afterwards? __Many thanks.__Jeune Robinson
6:11 PM

fred schebesta said...
Somehow I dont think that is the idea. I think they want to keep the sheep alive.
7:55 PM

michael kiely said...
You have every right to be outraged at the measures we woolgrowers have traditionally taken to protect our sheep from flystrike. Mulesing, or removing a flap of hide that attracts fly strike, is cruel and I can't be in the vicinity while it is being done. Although an animals's hide doesn't have the same sensitiivity as human skin, there is a lot of blood. Not a lot of bleating, though. And the agony a sheep experiences with maggots eating away at its flesh after a fly strike is far worse, don't you think? As soon as the new clips are available we will trial them. We already use fly traps liberally scattered about the property. And we check our flock everyday for strike - and pull a sheep out for treatment if required. Mulesing upsets me. It's strangely like circumcision. Or body piercing. It's interesting that a lot of animal rights activists willingly submit to having bits of metal thrust through their skin. They appear to want to be kinder to animals than to themselves or other human beings. Did you see the recent South Park episode where PETA was (I think unfairly) depicted as a bunch of emotionally lopsided human haters with a primitive desire to deify animals and sacrifice humans to them. Very funny, but not very fair or objective. It's good to be fair and objective, don't you think? We live by the belief that all living things are part of a community and that all members of the community - even weeds and farmers and animal rights activists - have a role to play and a right to exist. Amen.
3:07 AM

michael kiely said...
PS> I have a gentle rebuke for selfrighteous vegetarians. Read the Secret Life of Plants. Vegetables, we now know, have emotional responses to death and destruction. DO you say a benediction over the carrot so cruelly torn from the ground, sliced, boiled and devoured along with your other veges? "No one feeds unless it is on another." I like eating lamb. Especially one I know. Did you know that in Christ's time a shepherd was so well known to his sheep, he could call them individually from out fo the villages flocks herded together for the night behind a sheep fold? Sheep can recognise up to five human faces and a dozen other sheep. How do you reckon the shepherd felt eating one of his friends? And why is it that humans have got canine teeth? For tearing at lettuce leaves? Let us alone to gnaw our bones.__All the evidence stack up against vegetarians.__In the words of my song EATING ANIMALS IS COOL__"Vegetarians are insane if they think plants don't feel pain,_They enjoy being killed as much as cows and pigs and such._Don't look down your noses at the carnivores._At Least they're honest about all the death they cause."__We are all of us slaughtered and eaten eventually... by the earth.
3:55 AM

This is a fantastic idea/site! I'm going to beg my hubby to adopt a sheep for my birthday :) I'm an addict to knitting and without these sheep I wouldn't have as much sanity as I do now. Thank you for doing what you do. It touches peoples' lives in so many ways. I have a knitting charity that knits and prays for people going through a tough time and without farmers like you we wouldn't be able to do it. It's amazing to think that a sheep farmer in Australia can touch the lives of people all over the world just by doing what they do everyday. Lots of love and prayers for you and your flock!


PS here's the charity site just in case :)

Thank yu so much for opening our eyes to the problems associated with you supplying the world with our famous wool.As well as supplying the sheep meat etc.I will definatly be looking into helping out from the big smoke.
come on Australia get behind the farmers.Australia also know that there are farmers,that due to not being able to feed their animals, are committing suicide thru depression.It maybe to late for them but let's not let it happen again.......
Fantastic, great idea, will be signing up as soon as I get paid, inspirational, and lovely to see the sheep being looked after so well
well done
Kay (Tasmania:)
Your blog is winging it's way through the Oz Expat community in Hong Kong. Hope they dig deep and help out. A great idea. Good luck.
Giving Aussies a Fair go for battling it out!
Michael, I am trying to contact you. Can you please ring the Mudgee Guardian on 6372 1455 and speak to journalist Diane Simmonds please asap.
Sounds like a great idea.What happens to the adopted sheep after 100 days???
The great aussie spirit at its finest. I would like to congratulate you and your family for coming up with such a novel idea and its even greater to see so many fellow aussies helping you out. It would be great to see other farmers maybe following in your footsteps not only to help them stay on the properties but also to keep their livestock. My family and I would like to wish you and your family all the best and send you and your family warmest wishes and love for the festive season.
I am appaulled and discusted by your artical on channel nine. You were so disrespectful to the millions of poor in the world. Not saying that your program is not worthy but how dare you make light of the suffering of the poor and the wonderful program that tries to make a better world. Richard Wilkins was shocked and rightly so. Just what I would expect of this morning program. Christine Martin

Daniel is shocked that his comments came across as you say. Please put it down to his inexperience with the media. We have the utmost respect for the worthy organisations that serve the poor. I have personally been involved in raising money for the millions of disadvantaged around the world, on behalf of the Fred Hollows Foundation, Plan International and Christian Childrens' Fund (for which work we won a fundraising award.) We give regularly to many charities reaching the poor, such as The Smith Family and Caritas. And when we ran a business in the city we gave many hours for free to social welfare and Indigenous organisations. We would be the last people to denigrate world charities. Please accept our apology if that was how you interpreted what was said.
Hi i would love to adopt a sheep but we don't have a credit card and mum doesnt want to put her debit card details in. Is there an address i can send a cheque to? thanks heaps
Thanks for your support. We have a sheep waiting for you. Our postal address is: "Uamby", RMB 384 Uamby Road, Goolma NSW 2852. Our telephone number is (02) 6374 0329.

Regarding your comment about vegetarians... if the lamb could communicate in english to you, if you asked it if you could eat it, do you think it would say yes? I think that it wouldn't. Humans are quite capable of being vegetarian. I used to enjoy the taste of lamb once along with other meats. It took about two years to stop craving meat. Now I would rather die than to take another life for the purpose of filling my stomach for a day. Whatever your beliefs are about the food chain and our bodies being designed for meat, the fact is that we don't need to eat meat. 2 thirds of the world's population are vegetarian. Please consider this as a possibility for yourself. Being able to say "No" to something you enjoy just makes you feel mentally stronger.
hi i just adopted a sheep i was wondering if i can vist harry sopme times pls anser to
thank you
This is a fantastic idea/site! I'm going to beg my hubby to adopt a sheep for my birthday :) I'm an addict to knitting and without these sheep I wouldn't have as much sanity as I do now. Thank you for doing what you do. It touches peoples' lives in so many ways. I have a knitting charity that knits and prays for people going through a tough time and without farmers like you we wouldn't be able to do it. It's amazing to think that a sheep farmer in Australia can touch the lives of people all over the world just by doing what they do everyday. Lots of love and prayers for you and your flock!


PS here's the charity site just in case :)
hi. my sister and i have just recently adopted a sheep its name is clancy :), we would all like to thank you for showing us around your property, it was very differnt from our normal afternoon. i hope clancy is doing well.


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